Where Wishes Grow: Inspiring Hope in Little Readers

Where Wishes Grow: Inspiring Hope in Little Readers


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Coming Soon from Brownridge Publishing

Where Wishes Grow is a picture book written by Chris Sarracini of Pickering, Ontario and beautifully illustrated by Pauline Aksay of Toronto, Ontario.

It is about a little girl, “Sweet little Maggie,” who is troubled by her grandmother’s illness. Her grandmother can’t do the things she used to do with her, and Maggie is afraid. She tells her mother it is too risky to wish on stars, because stars will fade and some of them have gone out already. Maggie’s mother tells her to plant her wishes in the ground and see what happens. Little by little, with her mother’s help, Maggie learns to hope again.

This is a beautiful book to inspire hope in children struggling with sadness. It encourages them to lift their hearts in prayer, no matter what their circumstances.

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